If ever there was a subject suitable for portraiture using the most traditional of media, it has to be Jacob Reece-Mogg MP*. I wanted to try a stitched likeness of a well-known public figure. While I disagree with many of his political and personal convictions, Mr Reece-Mogg presents a vivid presence in a dispiriting political landscape.

*Other politicians are available, and will be stitched in due course.

Materials used are an evenweave Edinburgh linen ground and black threads: coton a broder, stranded yarn, machine cotton and silk. The metal arms of the spectacles are created with Ophir (silver thread). The realistic effects are achieved by pattern, thread thickness, and something called 'scattering' where some elements are dropped out in lighter areas.


The whole project in which the ground fabric is stretched on a frame, all the blackwork stitches (including unpicking!) and mounting took 75 hours to complete.

Check out the slideshow and see it being created step by step (click for a larger image)




stitched portrait in blackwork

Blackwork stitch weightlifter

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

More in blackwork; my certificate module for the Royal School of Needlework: Weightlifter, go here.