This is my Royal School of Needlework Certificate module in basic Goldwork.

When considering a subject for the basic goldwork module, I knew immediately I wished to do an angel. I have always admired Augustus Pugin’s work, and his influence on the Arts & Crafts movement of the 19th century. He produced designs for many angels in stained glass, paintings, stencils, as well as plaster and stone.

It was this half-finished, hand-drawn sketch that caught my eye. This is “Design for a Kneeling Angel”(V&A),1845 for St Giles Church in Cheadle, Staffs. It includes a larger detailed sketch of the thurible (censer) that the angel holds in his right hand.

The finished piece is a stencilled decoration above the arch to the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. Unfortunately, I have not been able to source a larger image of it, so I re-drew the angel myself in Photoshop.

I also altered details such as the sash, folds and right wing to make it easier to produce in goldwork.

Materials used are: hand-woven silk ground, Japanese, Elizabethan twist, pearl purl, smooth purl, Roccoco, chips, spangles and beads on felt and soft string padding in the outer wings, and some open areas. The finished mounted piece is 210 X 200mm and took 140 hours to complete.

Check out the slideshow to see it being created step by step (click for a larger image)


Blackwork stitch weightlifter

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Pugin kneeling angel

Goldwork embroidery