Scaled to fit your Mini Weightlifter peg doll, here's a cool "Olympic barbell"

Imitating competition-standard bars, bumper plates and collars in miniature. Our colours represent the following weights
Black: 5kg
Green: 10kg
Yellow: 15kg
Red: 25kg
Bar: 20kg
NB they don't actually weigh this! They're tiny! But you'd worked that out already.


Size: Approx 18 cm/ 7" long. Weight 4cm/1.5" diameter

Bar with fixed weights and collars.
Materials: wood, metal, wax, spray paint

Because all these items are individually hand made and therefore each is unique, some details may differ from the image.

WARNING! This is a decoration for adult use only. It is not a toy. Keep away from children. Contains small parts that could present a choke hazard. Keep away from naked flame and fire.

Mini Barbell W100

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