Autism snack box covers

As most parents will appreciate, teaching a child to tie shoelaces, pull up zips and do up buttons can be quite a task. My friend's son has autism, and encouraging him to learn self-dressing skills can be a real challenge.

Motivation is key, and my friend had the great idea of combining a love of food with learning these skills. If only she could find a fabric case suitable to cover tupperware boxes, in which the entry point is via a set of laces, or buttons etc.

As far as we know, they don't exist! Which is where I came in. I re-purposed a tartan shirt and made this fabric snack-box cover, which has a row of poppers as a closure point. The box is meant to contain dry foods such as sandwiches and snack bars - but in the case of spillage, the cover is washable.

All being well, I'll make the others with zips, buttons etc. I hope it'll really help out!

Autism food box cover.

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