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Speke Hall
Creative box

Time to take a closer look at my handmade and embroidered creative box "Speke Hall". To faithfully reflect the original manor house, the Tudor panelling was designed by me and printed on to cotton fabric. Then it was used to cover conservation board (there are over 200 pieces!) That's a stumpwork dandelion on the steps of the porch.

I grew up in Speke, and have fond memories of visiting Speke Hall as a kid. Little did I know I'd spend 500 hours making THIS one day!

There are stumpwork dandelions and a Jacobean style embroidery of yew trees, reflecting the real courtyard trees at the hall. A secret compartment in the roof reference the priest holes hiding places.

The embroidery and stump work is in DMC stranded thread. The tiny silk pouch holds a handmade rosary. Finally, there are numerous metal drawer-pulls chosen for their sympathetic design.

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