Villanelle in pink

Silk shaded figure

This is my Royal School of Needlework Future Tutor module in tapestry shading. The technique is also known as a silk shaded figure. Traditionally, all the stitches are vertical, with the exception of hair and eyes, which itself presents a real challenge.

Killing Eve star Villanelle wears the iconic Molly Goddard dress, contrasted with a Bordelle bra and Balenciaga boots. Overall size is approx A5.

I chose the silvery grey silk background as it really enhances the predominately pinks worn by the subject.

To depict the dress, I was able to use a family of pink shades in DMC, with a few additions for light and dark. I was also able to find shades that closely match the skin, hair, eyes, boots, and metallic threads for jewellery and boot buckles.

I really enjoyed creating her face, step by step. It was challenging to make it look realistic at this size, without goggling eyes or otherwise odd-looking.